Since their first encounter in 2018, these four musicians have embarked on a remarkable musical journey, blending their diverse backgrounds to explore uncharted territories. Their collective quest for a unique identity has given birth to an extraordinary sound. Led by Efe Turumtay, a talented Turkish violinist based in Vienna, the quartet features the enchanting vocal melodies of Czech bassist Tomáš Liška, the playful rhythms of Hungarian percussionist András Dés, and the mesmerizing fretless guitar virtuosity of Cenk Erdoğan, a renowned musician from Turkey.

With years of international touring under their belt and a recent recording session in Istanbul, the band is poised to make a significant impact on the contemporary ethno-jazz scene. Turumtay, Liška, Dés, and Erdoğan effortlessly bridge seemingly disparate worlds in their compositions, serving as a resounding reminder that great music transcends boundaries.

Efe Turumtay – Violin
Cenk Erdoğan – Guitar, Fretless Guitar
Tomáš Liška – Double Bass
Dés András – Percussion