Yekpare Trio

Yekpare Trio is the formation of three contemporary musical masters from Turkey. Ceylan Ertem is praised for her powerful voice and idiosyncratic way of singing. Coşkun Karademir is a virtuoso on the kopuz and the bağlama. He is seen as one of the modern pioneers of Turkish Anatolian music. Cenk Erdoğan is a master of guitar and fretless guitar, a much sought-after musician and producer. ​These three gifted musicians together make music of the highest order. In Yekpare Trio’s performance, repertoires of grandmasters like Neşet Ertaş, Aşık Mahsuni and Karacaoğlan are revived by the new arrangements and fresh virtuosity on the instruments along with Ceylan Ertem’s vocals.